Tired of Dealing with Your Insurer? Let Not At Fault Handle Your Accident Replacement Cars

Being in a car crash is both physically and emotionally draining. Physical injuries are enough to deal with and trying to get your car repaired causes even more frustration. Trying to get rental or accident replacement cars through your insurer can be taxing as well. If you find yourself in this situation, turn to the professionals in the industry, Not At Fault. Since 1989, Not At Fault has been providing affordable, reliable rental cars as well as accident replacement vehicles. Our team of specialists can help you receive accident replacement cars with little hassle. You will not even need to deal with your insurance company. If you were not responsible for your accident, Not At Fault can assist you in obtaining a replacement vehicle free of charge. The process is quite simple. You fill out an application form and include the at-fault party’s details, including the claim number. You will have to submit your registration and insurance papers for the damaged vehicle, and you’ll need to provide a driver’s licence. Not At Fault will then supply you with a courtesy car free of charge. There are plenty of different vehicles from which to choose. From a two-door to a van, Not At Fault can meet your needs and all fees for the replacement vehicle will be billed to the at-fault party’s insurer. Rental car insurance is not necessary either when you are not at fault. If you have been in an accident and need a replacement car, call Not At Fault today on 1300 911 323.