Not at Fault are the accident replacement car specialists, supplying courtesy cars completely free of charge to people involved in road accidents in which they were not at fault. 

Company History 

We have maintained a low cost option for customers in the rent-a- car market which has earned us our good reputation and repeat customers.

Most people can’t afford car hire from the big companies if they are paying for it themselves or are not part of a corporate booking. This is where we come into the car rental arena in the Australian car rental market. With reliable and affordable car rental, we strive on right price right service


We have had overwhelming requests to open up Not at Fault.


Accident replacement cars for our Smash repair customers, so we launched our Not at Fault side of the business in early 2012.


We have been in business since 1989 and have unrivalled experience, knowledge and expertise in the car rental, lease and accident replacement vehicle industry. We operate in two counties and are able to provide our courtesy cars, rental cars and lease cars.


Our fleet includes many styles of passenger vehicles from small 2-doors to larger 5 door hatchbacks and sedans. We also provide specialist vehicles such as station-wagons, 4 wheel drive and people movers, as well as commercial vehicles including Ute and Vans.


If you need a car, we will hopefully be your preferred company, as we have built our reputation on Service and Price.