Not at Fault are the accident replacement car specialists, supplying courtesy cars completely free of charge to people involved in road accidents in which they were not at fault. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will pay for the replacement vehicle?

NOT AT FAULT will be paid for the replacement vehicle charges by the insurance company of the driver who caused the accident. There is absolutely no cost to you if you are the non fault driver in the accident.



Does the vehicle need to be used only for business for me to be eligible?

No. Anyone who has lost the use of their vehicle due to a non fault accident is eligible.



How soon can I get a replacement vehicle?

You can receive a replacement vehicle after Not at Fault rentals has approved your claim and your vehicle has been admitted to your smash repair shop, or if your vehicle is not drivable you may be entitled to a hire vehicle straight away. Usually approval can be given straight away once we are given the required information, however in some cases where liability is in doubt approval may take longer.



What type of vehicle will I get?

Not at Fault car rental is always trying to save hire costs for the at fault insurance company, so we try and provide small cars when we can. However, we can provide a similar size car, depending on your requirements, my be a 7 seater or 4x4, Ute or van can de arranged to fit your needs.



How long can I keep the replacement vehicle?

If your vehicle is repairable, in most cases you can keep our vehicle for the duration of the repair.


If your vehicle is a total loss and you are claiming through the at fault party’s insurance company, you may keep the replacement vehicle until your settlement cheque has been received, or until the insurance company notifies Not at Fault that settlement has been made. We will give you as much notice as possible once we receive instructions from the insurance company. You can still rent our car if required thereafter, until you are back in your own wheels.


If your vehicle is a total loss and you are claiming settlement from your own insurance company, you may keep the vehicle until you have received your settlement cheque or for 10 working days, whichever comes first.



Will the replacement vehicle be insured?

Yes, the replacement vehicle will be fully insured. There is an excess of $2750 on all vehicles which is only payable if you are involved in an accident that is your fault or you damage our vehicle in some other way. This can be reduced to Zero , have a chat to our friendly staff.



Will I need a credit card or a deposit?

No credit card or deposit is required. Only your details will be required if you get any tolls or traffic infringments.



How old do I have to be to drive the Not at fault replacement vehicle?

You have to be over 21 years of age. A drivers licence is required. Overseas licences accepted.



Do I need to be insured to receive a Not at fault replacement vehicle?

No. All costs are claimed from the insurance company of the at fault driver so you do not need to have your own insurance policy. Even if you only had 3rd party on your car, remember it was not your fault.



Can anybody else drive the vehicle?

Yes, anybody can drive the replacement vehicle at no cost as long as they meet the age and driving licence requirements.



What should I do if my vehicle is not legally drivable?

If your vehicle is not legally drivable then you may be entitled to a replacement vehicle right away. Please call on 1300 911 323 to check eligibility.



How do I know if my vehicle is legally drivable?

Your vehicle may be not be legally drivable if your doors will not open or close, if you cannot lock your car, if your windows are smashed or if your exterior lights/ indicators do not work.



Are there any restrictions on kilometres?

There are no restrictions on kilometres.  You would need to arrange if you are going interstate with the car.