Not At Fault Offers Free Accident Replacement Vehicles In Sydney

We offer a simple and convenient way to get you back on the road with a free accident replacement car in Sydney. Australian law dictates that a driver who is at fault in the accident should pay for you to have a free accident replacement vehicle in Sydney. All we do is bill the insurance company of the driver at fault, and you can be back on the road in no time.

We can approve you faster if your car is not safely legal to drive. Your car is considered illegal to drive if you cannot lock your car, or the doors do not open or close. Other conditions that are unacceptable for legal driving are smashed windows or broken exterior lights. You can even keep your courtesy car until you receive a settlement payment if your vehicle is a total loss.

How Do I Qualify for Free Accident Replacement Cars in Sydney?

Whether you used your car for business or personal travel, if you’re not at fault in the accident, then you qualify for a courtesy car. Just submit the pertinent information about your accident to us, and we can get you approved right away. We get you back on schedule immediately if your car is a total loss. If liability is in doubt, the approval process may have a slight delay. Other qualifications include being 21 years of age or older with a valid driver’s license. We accept overseas licenses and do not require a credit card or a cash deposit hold to secure the free accident replacement vehicle in Sydney.

To the surprise of many, you don’t even need to have rental coverage on your auto insurance policy to receive a free courtesy rental car. This is also the case even if you only have third party coverage. The primary qualification is to be deemed not at fault in the accident. Additionally, since we know you may not be ready to drive again so soon after the accident, but still need to get around, other drivers are allowed. Another driver who fulfils the age and license requirements needed may drive your courtesy car as well.

Are There Any Restrictions for A Free Accident Replacement Vehicle in Sydney?

Not At Fault does not restrict the number of kilometres you’re allowed to drive during the rental. You will need to notify us if you’re going interstate with the vehicle. You are obviously responsible for any toll fees or traffic infringements. What about insurance on the free replacement vehicle, you ask? Have peace of mind knowing that it’s fully insured. If you do get into an accident and it’s determined that it’s your fault, there is a small excess on the policy that would be payable. You can even reduce this cost to nothing by speaking to one our staff members in advance. Contact Not At Fault today, and we’ll deliver a free accident replacement car wherever you are and get you back on the road again.