Call Not At Fault for Accident Hire

When your vehicle is out of commission because you were in an accident, you likely will not be able to afford car hire services. However, you would have an option if you were not the cause of the collision. Not at fault accident hire is available free of charge. You can receive a temporary vehicle while you work on repairing or replacing your own. Not At Fault has been serving the Melbourne and Sydney metropolitan areas with affordable, reliable vehicles for years. With our knowledge of the replacement vehicle industry, we can help you get through what can be a difficult time.

Not At Fault started operations in 1989 and is now working in two countries. Our vast fleet of vehicles includes small two-doors, sedans, and five-door hatchbacks. We also have some speciality vehicles like station wagons, four-wheel drive, and commercial vehicles. Our team can provide you with not at fault accident hire and get you the vehicle you need.

If your car was damaged in an accident in which you were not to blame, you can obtain not at fault accident hire at no charge. Our specialists understand the replacement vehicle industry. Once you supply us with all the necessary paperwork, Not At Fault will charge all the courtesy car expenses to the at-fault party’s insurance on your behalf. There are zero hidden costs and no surprises. You get a replacement vehicle free of charge with little hassle. For more information about Not At Fault, call us on 1300 911 323.