Not at Fault in an Accident? Get a Replacement Vehicle Free of Charge

You were not at fault in an accident, but your car suffered some severe damage. Your repair shop has said that it may take a week or more before your vehicle is fixed. What will you do? Call Not At Fault for a free accident replacement vehicle. Since you did not cause the accident, you are entitled to replacement vehicle that will not cost you anything. Not At Fault has been in the rental car and accident replacement industry for almost three decades. With our knowledge, expertise, and assistance, we can have you back on the road as soon as possible.

Not At Fault began in 1989 and has expanded its operations to two countries. Not At Fault understands that most people cannot afford car hire if they have to pay for it themselves or do not have a corporate booking. We also understand that being without a car for any period can create some serious frustration. People need to get back and forth to work, take care of their children, and more. Being without a car severely limits handling those responsibilities.

If you were not at fault in an accident, make sure your first call is to Not At Fault. From our locations in Seven Hills and Brookvale, we can provide a replacement vehicle and even deliver it to your home, workplace, or the panel beater where your car is being restored. Our fleet of nearly 300 vehicles has something for everyone. Whether you need a car, truck, or even a Ute; Not At Fault can provide it. To learn more, call us on 1300 911 323.