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The moment comes without warning - a sudden slam of steel, a quick shove against a rear bumper. It sends you into a tailspin, with your car spitting smoke across the pavement. You twist and turn, before eventually (finally) lurching to a stop; and, as you shakily climb out of the driver seat, you’re greeted by the smell of burnt rubber and broken chrome. Your vehicle is now totalled.

Not At Fault is relieved that you’re unharmed. We’re also sympathetic to your plight, knowing that the loss of your car leaves you unable to complete your day-to-day tasks. At Not At Fault we offer vehicle rentals in Sydney, enabling our clients to meet every demand with ease and affordability. We quickly get you back on the road.

Replacement Vehicle

In need of a not a fault car rental in Sydney? Let us connect you to the replacement vehicle you need. Our services - which provide individuals who’ve suffered a collision, crash, or accident caused by a second-party - ensure convenience. We boast a broad range of platforms, offering drivers the everyday performance options they crave. Our fleet (which includes family-friendly station-wagons and people-carriers, commercial UTEs and cargo vans, and a variety of economic sedans) accommodates even the busiest schedules.

Through this, our not at fault car hires in Sydney allow every client to find the perfect front-wheel, rear-wheel, or all-wheel vehicles for both work and family time. We offer easy access to quality replacement cars.

We also provide exceptional service, pairing our not at fault vehicle hires in Sydney with a series of driver-friendly benefits:

  • Speed - after identifying that our clients are indeed not to blame, our vehicle rental team in Sydney expedites the application process, ensuring that drivers receive their cars quickly.
  • Protection - all not at fault vehicle hires in Sydney are fully insured, providing our customers with greater security on the road.
  • Flexibility - we recognise that some repairs demand considerable time. Our not at fault car hires in Sydney boast flexible schedules, allowing our clients to keep them for as long as needed.
  • Acceptance - we provide not at fault car rentals to both Sydney drivers and those visiting the city, with international licenses recognised by our team.

Through these services, our not at fault vehicle hires in Sydney promote convenience for every driver.

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There was no way to avoid an accident. There is a way, however, to lessen the pain - with our not at fault vehicle rentals in Sydney delivering value. We strive to offer drivers the support they deserve. We provide streamlined applications, a fleet of efficient courtesy cars, and dedicated service.

To learn more about our not at fault car rentals in Sydney contact us today by calling 1300-911-323 or email You can also send our team an online enquiry to receive a prompt response.