Top Three Things to Do After You’re In A Not At Fault Accident in Sydney

A car accident has just ruined your day. You’re frazzled; a little shaken up, but hopefully not injured. It’s entirely possible you have just experienced a life-changing or traumatic event. After the sounds of the impact, your car comes to a complete stop. You’re not thinking straight and just want to go on with your life, but then you remember reading this article about what you should do next.

Be Cool and Stay on the Scene of Your Not at Fault Accident in Sydney

The first thing to do is to remain at the scene of the accident. Even if you’re thinking, “it wasn’t my fault we’re in this accident,” Sydney bylaws state you should stay put. You don’t want to risk getting into criminal or legal trouble by leaving the scene. Despite not being at fault in this accident, you must stick around in case the other driver needs help or medical assistance.

Next, it’s important to remember to stay cool, calm and collected. Tensions run high when you know it wasn’t your fault, and their carelessness has just caused all that you’re going through. Laying blame, yelling, and fighting at the scene of your not at fault accident in Sydney can create additional issues that could land you at fault for other criminal actions.

Get A Free Courtesy Car in A “Not My Fault” Accident in Sydney

When you’ve calmed down, you’ll want to trade insurance details and report the accident to law enforcement. You know the accident was a no fault accident on your part, but you need the documentation from the police report to prove it. This documentation will come in handy when you need an accident replacement car. Be sure to write down the name of the at-fault driver, their mailing address, and the name of their insurance policy and their policy number. Take a picture with your mobile phone if it’s still in working condition and take other pictures of the damage to all the cars involved. This evidence will make it easier to remember the makes and models of the other car and their plate numbers. Now you’ve got all the proper documentation you’ll need to move forward.

Finally, the best step to take to get you back on the road is to call on Not At Fault, an accident replacement rental company for a free courtesy car to use while your vehicle is in a Sydney repair shop. Not At Fault bills the insurance of the driver who caused the accident, so your accident replacement vehicle is completely free of charge to you. When you’ve said “It’s not my fault we’re in this accident,” in Sydney and the report backs you up, we will deliver a free courtesy car to your home, work or auto repair shop. Even without car rental coverage on your own policy, if you’re in a not at fault accident in Sydney, you can get a courtesy rental vehicle free of charge.