Not At Fault Rental Cars Get You Back on the Road as Soon as Possible

Not At Fault rental cars are available to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. For years, Not At Fault has been in the rental car industry providing low-cost solutions for customers in need of a rental car. Our operations have expanded since 1989, and we now do business in two countries and have a fleet of nearly 300 cars. Our reputation for providing reliable, affordable rental cars has helped us earn numerous repeat customers as well as aiding our company’s growth.

While Not At Fault provides low-cost rental cars, we also provide not at fault rental cars to accident victims free of charge. Those who have been in an accident in which they were not the cause are entitled to a courtesy replacement vehicle. As a specialist in this industry, Not At Fault can help customers through the application process and provide them with a vehicle as soon as possible. Our team can help customers through the application process and have a vehicle delivered quickly.

Not At Fault takes care of the billing for the replacement car. All rental car expenses are billed to the insurer of the at-fault party. Customers pay nothing and have a vehicle to help them continue their daily lives. People need their cars to get to and from work and carry on with their daily routines. Whether looking for a rental car or a free accident replacement vehicle, Not At Fault can assist. Call us on 1300 911 323 and speak to one of our professionals.